heading says Loose Cannon Online, with cartoon character lighting fuse of old-style cannon, address of P.O.Box 457, Felton, CA 95018, and email is a real loose cannon (one word) at hotmail (one word) dot com Metro Santa Cruz suppressed this letter to the editor First character says That headline is not ethical, and second character says Yeah just like Metro Santa Cruz

BACKGROUND: A cartoon (by DeCinzo) on the cover of Metro Santa Cruz (Oct 22, 2008) portrayed a local radio station with a swastika attached to it. Many people in the community were outraged, and the editor was compelled (Oct 29) to issue a 144-word apology, albeit a somewhat misleading apology-- as spelled out in the following letter which Metro Santa Cruz refused to publish.

Oct 30, 2008

Metro Santa Cruz:

In your apology to the public (Metro, Oct 29) about your Oct 22 DeCinzo cartoon which depicts KSCO-radio with a swastika, you acknowledge the cartoon was perhaps excessive. Then you say "It is not our editorial policy to accuse those who disagree with us of fascism."

But you did exactly that a year ago (Metro, Oct 17, 2007) when you labeled my letter with the heading FINAL SOLUTION FORTHCOMING, a clear reference to Nazi Germany's "Final Solution" during World War II for exterminating millions of Jews-- suggesting that my letter favored the extermination of Latinos and suggesting I believe Latinos are inferior, which is not even remotely true.

You portrayed me as fascist because my letter had criticized Latino racism and because I had referred to the obvious fact of overpopulation in Mexico. My Letter also criticized gringo racism.

Jerry Simpson    (Santa Cruz, California)

One character says And their movies reviews are not worth reading, to which the second character says They need an editor who knows how to actually edit

In 2009, Metro Santa Cruz was renamed Santa Cruz Weekly.

In 2013, Santa Cruz Weekly ceased publication.

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