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Metro Santa Cruz and Mayor afraid of 'offending' Latino racists-- paragraph deleted from letter to editor (July 25, 2000)

Metro Santa Cruz: 
Residentes Unidos spokesman Nena Ruiz expects benefits for Latino renters not available for non-Latino renters (see Metro, June 21, 2000). She demands that Latino renters receive a guaranteed place to live, no credit checks, no income adequacy checks, no immigration checks, and no criminal checks.  
This last item (no criminal checks) is especially notable because people who commit serious crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, extortion often flee across the border when there is a warrant out for their arrest in Mexico. CENSORED Metro Santa Cruz cut out this paragraph, removing from discussion an important problem.
Nena Ruiz's plan potentially supplies housing and sanctuary for criminals, enabling them to hide behind the skirts of the overwhelmingly decent people in the Latino community. Yet Mayor Keith Sugar, as quoted in your article, says he is going to "fight for these guarantees."

While Metro Santa Cruz was censoring the letter, the local town paper published an article July 2nd with this opening: "WATSONVILLE. The largest, most violent street gang in Los Angeles has arrived in the Monterey Bay Area-- and it's looking for recruits." The article notes this gang is affiliated with the Surenos and has links to the Mexican mafia.

These housing policies (exempting Latinos from criminal checks) engender higher crime in Latino communities, which in turn encourages anti-Latino sentiment in the public. (Aah, the wisdom of our political leaders....)

Many months later, after unsuccessfully running for public office herself, Nena Ruiz was arrested for heroin distribution.

Exempting a specific racial group from accountability and elevating that group above prosecution used to be called racism. Now we call it progressive and politically correct.
Jerry Simpson    (Santa Cruz)


In 2009, Metro Santa Cruz was renamed Santa Cruz Weekly.

In 2013, Santa Cruz Weekly ceased publication.

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